To get started, head on over to your CRM where you will see a list of all your segments.

To open a segment, simply click on a segment name.

Note: Click the X icon on the far right of the segment entry to delete it.

There are a number of options available to edit, update, and view different aspects of the segment:

  1. To edit the segment click on the Pencil icon at the far right of the segment.

  2. Add new selection criteria to include other participants in the segment, or add criteria to remove certain individuals from your segment.

  3. Add an OR selection criterion to specify alternative criteria for participant inclusion in a segment.

  4. View a map showing the location of segment participants.

  5. View segmented data for a particular project. Click Insights to view a dynamically-generated report based on the segment criteria you have selected. 

  6. Click on the Communication tab to email participants information about a campaign. 

Next, you'll want to communicate with segment participants.

The use of segments for data analysis has unlimited potential for actionable insights into the participants in your surveys.
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