How to turn on meeting comments

Allow participants to submit questions to be answered at your meeting, or collect questions for the meeting presenter before the meeting

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You can opt to Accept meeting questions and comments when you create your meeting or event. If you didn't initially set up your meeting/event to accept questions, you can change this setting with a quick edit.

Locate your meeting or event on the Meetings & Offline tab.

Click the drop down menu (the circle with 3 dots ) to the right of your meeting/event and select Edit.

The Event Settings window will appear. Scroll down to the Comments section & click More Comment Options.

1. First, decide whether you'll be accepting comments for the meeting. Then assign whether they'll be:
Public - all comments are public (exception: individual participants can opt to submit their comment privately.)
Private - all comments are submitted privately (you cannot make these visible to the public at a later date/if you change your mind)
Disabled - no comments will be accepted

👉Note: if you choose to make comments/questions for the meeting private initially, you won't be able to make them visible to the public at a later date, even if you check the box to make them public. This by design to ensure privately submitted comments remain private. Administrators will still be able to see and reply to the private comments when logged in to

2. Next, you'll need to determine when you want to accept comments, e.g. during a live presentation. If so, select the appropriate time frame from the dropdown menu in which you'd like to collect questions from your participants.

👉Note: Participants will only be able to submit their questions within the window you specify. For example, they will not be able to submit questions 3 weeks prior to the meeting, unless your meeting is set to Always accept questions.

If you've chosen Public comments, you'll see several settings that you can toggle off or on based on your meeting requirements/preferences.

If your meeting comments are Private, you will only be able to set the first 2 toggles – Collect name and email and Require name and email. Private comments cannot be made public later!

A comment box will appear below the meeting wherever the meeting is published (e.g. visible on your hub and/or project page) during the specified time frame. For example, if you choose to begin collecting questions Starting two days before the meeting/event, the comment box for questions would not appear until 2 days before.

Here's what it looks like on a project page:

Meeting questions and comments will populate as comments below the meeting on the project page, as well as in the Comments tab under the meeting/event in the associated project.

If you feel a question is not relevant to the meeting, you can hide that question on the Comments tab. Learn more about Comment admin options and actions here.

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