If you manage a public events or meeting calendar, bringing it into PublicInput can offer many benefits, including:
- Registration & RSVP
-Event email outreach
-Meeting sign-in
-Live voting (polling)
-Real-time broadcast to Youtube and Facebook live

Bringing events into the system automatically can save time and de-duplicate your efforts.

First, retrieve your public calendar's unique Calendar ID

On any public calendar, click the  + Google Calendar link - these are often in the bottom right corner on embedded calendars:

Once you've added the calendar, you can find it in your Google Calendar admin on the left hand list of calendars. If you don't personally own the calendar, it may be under 'Other Calendars':

Click the vertical dots to open its options, then click "Settings":

In the main tab scroll down to Integrate Calendar > Calendar ID:

Copy the unique calendar ID - it should look like an email address.

Importing your calendar ID into a topic or project

First, create or open any project or topic and browse to the Meetings and Offline tab:

Look for the red "Add meetings from Google Calendar" button:

You'll be prompted to enter your calendar ID. Paste in your Calendar ID from the previous steps.

You'll be prompted to log in with Google. Walk through these steps and sign in with the google account that has access to this calendar. 

If you're unsure which Google account to use, you can check the user icon in the top right corner when logged in to google calendar and viewing the calendar you're importing. If this is a public calendar, you don't have to be the calendar owner.

Once you complete Google authorization, if your confirmation tab does not close automatically, close the browser tab to return to your project.

To view your imported calendar events, refresh the project admin page. The newly populated events will display under the Meetings and Offline tab:

By default, these will display publicly on your topic or project page. 

To hide any events, toggle the green "Published" switch in the admin editor:

Future meetings added to this calendar will automatically populate to this project. 

Disabling future event import

If you need to hide all future events at any point, simply toggle your project to "Archived", and automatic event import will end.

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