There are 2 ways that you can create an event:

Method 1: On the project admin dashboard, click the +Create new item dropdown menu, and select New Event.

Method 2: On the project admin dashboard, scroll down the page and select the project in which you'd like to create an event.  

On the main project page, head over to the Meetings & Offline tab and click on the Add Meeting or Event button.

In either case, the Event Settings popup will be displayed. 

Event Settings

 1. Enter a Name for your event so it is easy to find if you want to edit the details later.
 2. Begin typing a Location and then choose one from the list of Google suggestions, or choose your own location (e.g. the Chill Room.) If you are hosting a virtual meeting, toggle the Vitual Meeting switch on (indicated in green.)
 3. Enter a start Date and Time.
NOTE: Be sure to select a time zone, even for virtual meetings, so the meeting will start on time!

Public  Appearance (Online)

4. Check the box next to List on Public Hub to make your meeting or event public on your organization's hub. You can click the black arrow button to quickly navigate to your hub.

5. Write a public description for the event, e.g. the purpose of the meeting or a summary of the event.
⭐️Tip: Use the WYSIWIG editor to customize this free-format content and create an eye-catching invitation using different fonts, colors and layouts. You can even upload images. You can do this in the same way that you add content to a project.

6. Next, specify whether or not questions will be accepted for the event, e.g. during a live presentation. 

To Accept meeting questions and comments, select the appropriate time frame from the dropdown menu in which you'd like to collect questions from your participants.

You can also choose to make meeting comments & questions public by checking the box next to Make comments & questions public and visible on the meeting page.

👉Note: Participants will only be able to submit their questions in the window you specify. For example, they will not be able to submit questions 3 weeks before the meeting, unless your meeting is set to accept questions Always.

Once Accept meeting questions and comments is enabled, a comment box will appear below the meeting during the specified time frame. Questions will populate as comments in the Comments tab under the meeting in the associated project.

Learn more about accepting meeting questions and comments here.

7. Conferencing (OPTIONAL): To live-stream an event, select the Videoconferencing Service (Webex, Zoom) &  Streaming Video Service you will be using (Facebook Live or Youtube Live.) Enter the URL into the textbox that appears below. None will be selected by default.

For more on setting up a virtual meeting, check out these articles:
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Customize Projector Screen (Meeting Mode)

8. Add content to the Opening Screen Content box. This is what participants will see on the projector screen.

9. This is your default Meeting Short URL. Participants can type in the URL on their smartphone, tablet, or other device to participate, allowing for live results in real time during your meeting.

10. If your organization has text messaging enabled, this is the auto-generated shortcode that participants will text in to participate. The number they will text the shortcode to is listed below, and is also listed at the top of the opening screen content for participants.

To have participants type in a keyword instead, choose an existing keyword from the drop down list, or create a new keyword by selecting Other/Custom Keyword, which will prompt you to enter the new keyword below.

👉Note: Text messaging (SMS) must be enabled for your meeting to allow text participation. Head to the Text tab to enable this feature. If your organization does not already have texting capabilities, please contact [email protected] to set this up. 

Save and Open your meeting or event

To save your meeting or event for later, click Save. If you're ready to start your meeting, click the green Save & Open Meeting Screen button.

 This will display your Opening Screen Content (i.e. what will be displayed on the projector screen.)

If you chose to save the meeting for later, you can launch when you're ready by selecting Open projector screen from the drop down menu (the circle with 3 dots ) to the right of your meeting.

On the project admin page, head over to the Meetings & Offline tab. Here you can manage this project's meetings and events associated with the project.

All your events are displayed on the Meetings & Offline tab. Here, you can view and modify your event, e.g. invite participants to the event, add meeting collateral, open a sign in screen, etc.

View event 

To view the event on your project website, click View Live Site at the top right of the screen. 

Once your event has been created, if you opted to publish the event, it will appear live on your project website, where participants can add it to their calendar, view a map, or RSVP as attending:

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