On the project admin page, head over to the meetings and offline tab. Here you can manage this project's meetings and events, as well as things like paper surveys.

To create a new meeting or event, click the green "Add Meeting or Event" button.

Here's a video walkthrough of the process:

To create a new meeting or event, on the Meetings and Offline tab, click on the + Add Meeting or Event button.

You can specify meeting or event details in the Event Settings popup. 

Step 1: Enter basic details

Enter a Name (1), Location (2) and Date (3). 


  1. You can search for, and edit, an existing event by typing a partial name in the Name text box.
  2. Start typing a location to search for it using Google Maps. 
  3. The date field should include the start time of the event too.
  4. To delete a meeting, search for it using the Name text box at the top of the Event Settings popup. Then, scroll to the bottom of the popup and click Delete Meeting.

Step 2: Create a mini-preview of the event

Now you can create the event content that will be displayed on your project home page. 

First, write a public description for the event, e.g. the purpose of the meeting or a summary of the event (1). 

Tip: Use the editing buttons to customize this free-format content and create an eye-catching invitation using different fonts, colors and layouts. You can even upload images.

Next, specify whether or not questions will be allowed at the event (2).

Finally, specify if you want to broadcast the event live by entering a YouTube or Facebook URL (3). 

Note: After entering an event description, you will notice two additional options in the Public Event Display section, previously hidden by the editing toolbox. Check the relevant boxes to make the event public and/or include it in your project’s milestones.

Step 3: Enable live participation for this event

Note: This will be covered in a different Help topic. 

Step 4: Save meeting details

Done? Click Save to update your settings. 

Step 5: Manage an event

All your events are displayed on the Meetings & Offline tab. Here, you can view and modify your event, e.g. invite participants to the event, add meeting collateral, edit event features, etc. 

Step 6: View event 

To view the event on your project website, click View Live Site at the top right of the screen. 

Once your event has been created, if you opted to make the event public, it will appear live on your project website, where participants can add it to their calendar, view a map, or RSVP as attending:

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