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How to update your organization's Public Portal
How to update your organization's Public Portal

Customize the Public Portal (formerly called the Engagement hub) with engagement statistics, a Twitter feed, and more!

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The Public Portal is a central landing page where you can share various projects and meetings you've created in PublicInput. This is where the public can view your projects and request to participate in your active surveys. You can also add engagement statistics, as well as a Twitter feed. 

Note: The Public Portal is usually managed by a few lead admins who edit and organize the Portal page for the agency or organization. Please do not make changes to the Portal without the PublicInput account holder's express permission.

Already have an active Public Portal page and know how to get there?

Skip to Editing the Public Portal below

To edit the portal, you need to enable and view it first.

Navigate to the Public Portal

To view the Public Portal, click the Settings button towards the bottom of the left navigation panel

You'll then click the Public Portal tab in the blue menu on the left-hand side:

Within the Public Portal settings you can engage customers by encouraging them to sign up for updates, by selecting a Signup Format:

Once you toggle on your choice of Signup Format it will appear within your Public Portal as a sidebar:

Ensure that the toggle for Enable Public Portal is on. This will be indicated in green. You will need to turn this toggle on to view and edit the live Portal page. There is no draft option at this time.

Click the View Public Portal button:

This will take you to your Portal where there are links to Featured, Listed, and Past projects.

Projects that are open and collecting responses will display a Participate button. Archived projects (that are closed to responses) will display a button that says View Results. This is also true for projects that are listed, but not yet published, or still in draft mode (not recommended.)

Note: If a project is still in draft mode, the public won't be able to see the project page. It's best to publish your project before listing it on the public portal.

When projects are archived and listed on your public portal, the public will not be able to provide input to that project, however:

The public can:

  • read the survey questions that were asked and view any project content – including images, videos, and any info that has been added to the project

  • View the results of the survey by question response (*if "vote counts"/live results were enabled.

*Vote counts are visible/turned on by default for all questions. If you do not want them displayed, you will need to turn this option off for each question in your project or survey. Anyone viewing the archived survey will be able to see how participants responded by percentage for each response option. If they themselves "voted" or responded before the survey closed, they will see their response choices highlighted.

You can also share a link to a dynamic report of the survey data, or opt to embed the report directly into your closed project to help "close the loop" and share the results of your initiative with participants, stakeholders, and anyone else interested in the outcome of your project. Sharing your findings is best practice, and an important step in building public trust!

Editing the Public Portal

To edit your portal, click on the Gear icon at the top right of the page and then select Toggle Edit Mode.

You can edit the page Title and description of a project to notifications. (Click on the Expand/Collapse arrows to open and close a settings section.)

The title and description can be edited under Basic Settings

In the Statistics section, you can drag & drop statistics to your public portal (the white box near the top of the page). You will choose different statistics for different projects depending on what you want to highlight for a particular project. Statistics update every night, and therefore changes to the numbers may be seen on a slight delay.

Last but not least, you have the option to add your Twitter handle to your portal. 

Refresh the page to view your changes. 

Your Tweets will show in the Updates section.

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