On your organization's Public Portal, you will see a list of all your active projects. For each project, there are toggle buttons for Listed and Featured projects.

Featured means a project appears in the Featured Projects list on the public portal, while Listed means it appears in the Current Projects list. 

Note: To appear on the portal, a project must be Live, not in Draft mode or Archived.

To get to your portal, go to Settings in the left navigation bar:

On the Settings page, in the Public Portal section, click the View Public Portal button.

Right-click on it and select Open link in new tab. And, voila, there is your public portal.

Now, you will have two open tabs which you can alternate between and view what happens when you list or feature a project. 

First, back on your project page, click on the Home button in the menu.

Then click on the Listed toggle button for the project(s) you want listed on the portal. The toggle(s) will turn green when the project is listed:

Now go back to the Public Portal and refresh the page.

You will see the two projects you've Listed shown under Projects & Surveys:

Now let's see the difference between Listed and Featured in action. 

Go back to your project page and click on one of your projects. In the screen that loads, click the Listed and Featured toggle buttons.

Once again, go back to the portal window and refresh the page. You will now see the project displayed in the Featured Projects section at the top of the Pubic Portal, above the Current Projects section.

Important: If you want a project to be Featured, it must be Listed as well.

You can also change whether your project is featured or listed within the project itself, or view the Public Portal by clicking the small arrow button to the right of the "List..." toggle option.

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