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What is the Public Portal? (formerly the "Hub")
What is the Public Portal? (formerly the "Hub")

Learn how to display projects from across your organization on a centralized portal for participants to participate in.

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The Public Portal is a centralized webpage where you can share your organization's projects and initiatives publicly. It works as a landing page where the public can view your projects and participate in your active projects and surveys. You can also add engagement metrics and your Twitter feed.

Below is a truncated image of the Public Portal for the City of Raleigh's Planning Department. A quick glance shows engagement stats, or metrics, like responses, comments and topics throughout the organization's projects.

If you scroll further down the page, you will see any featured or listed projects, upcoming meetings and links to the organization's social media feeds.

The Public Portal can be designed to fit your organization's needs. For instance, Skagit County doesn't have any current projects, so their portal page showcases their past projects and lets users sign up for news and updates.

The Public Portal is an engaging way to showcase your portfolio of projects.

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