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List an archived project on your Public Portal
List an archived project on your Public Portal

How to showcase a past project's results on your Public Portal (formerly the hub)

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Once a project has ended and is closed to responses, you may find you still want to showcase that project on your Public Portal. Participants can re-visit this past project to see its final results, and see how the public's input has shaped a particular stage of the project.

On your engagement dashboard, your projects are listed in different sections: active projects, project groups, and archived projects (past).

Scroll down to Archived Projects, and in the Listed column, toggle the Listed on public portal switch. When the switch is green (on), the project will be listed on the portal as a past project.

How to remove active projects from the Public Portal

Toggle the Listed on Public Portal switch to off (it will be white). Where the switch is blank, it will not feature on the portal as an active project.

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