Re-using and Copying questions

Add previous questions to your survey and connect responses across projects and surveys using the copy and reuse functions.

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Sometimes it's helpful to re-use or copy a question from another survey instead of creating a brand new one.

An Important note on re-using questions: 

  • Re-use means the data collected will be associated with the original question. This is helpful if you want to report cumulative data across multiple surveys and remember a participant's past response to this question when they visit subsequent surveys.

  • Copy means the data collected from this question will be stored separately, and this question will be completely disconnected from the prior question.

    If the question pertains to things like demographics or other non-changing responses, we recommend reusing the original question.

Adding a copy or re-used question to your survey

To re-use a question from a past survey, navigate to the questions section of the survey you're working on. To the right of the Add Other button, click the upside-down triangle, and then click Existing Question.

You'll see a list of your organization's existing surveys, which you can search or scroll through, and select the question(s) you'd like to add.

Click the Check box next to the individual question(s) you'd like to add to your survey. 

  1. Re-use selected
    If you want responses to new questions to be stored under the original question, then select the 'Re-use selected' button. The most common use case for this are questions we ask regularly like 'Where do you live?' or 'Are you a transit rider?'

  2.  Copy
    If you want this to be an entirely new question with response data stored separately on this project, select the 'Copy' button. 

👉Note: In the Add existing questions popup, the Demographics (Census) questions are pre-populated. If you want to change this, you need to add a new question and change these options.

The copied or re-used question will now appear at the bottom of the page in the 'Hidden / Draft Questions' section of your survey.

When you're ready to add the copied question to your current survey, click the "Make Active" arrow to the left of your question, which will add the question to your survey.

Reporting re-used questions

When working in a dynamic report, if your report contains a re-used question, you can toggle between specifically reporting responses from this project/survey, or ALL responses to this question across surveys:

  1. Hover over the question on your report and click Options.

  2. Under "Show results for a specific project or topic" select "Do not filter by project or topic" if you'd like to report results for this question across multiple surveys:

  3. Click save. Your chart will update automatically.

Exporting data for re-used questions

To include responses across all projects for questions you've re-used, head to the Results & Data tab and be sure to check "For reused questions, include "Global" results from all projects":

When this is checked, your data output will include all responses to any re-used question across all projects.

If you'd like to report on a specific set of projects rather than this project or all projects, you'll need to create a Project Group, add your selected "child" projects to the group, and run your report from that group.

Reporting results for multiple location questions

If you've collected participant locations using the zip code question or participant location question, you can report location data for these participants.

  1. Hover between two chart elements on your report and click the "+" plus button:

  2. Click "Engagement Summary Data":

  3. Choose participant map or participant zip code map to report locations (regardless of copied or reused question type):

Your new map will appear on your report, where you can edit its appearance, layers, and project filtering:

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