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Add a pre-survey text message to your text survey
Add a pre-survey text message to your text survey

Add an additional message that will send with the first question in your text survey

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Once you've enabled a text survey, you have the option to add a pre-survey message on the Text tab. Without a pre-survey message, the survey will kick off with the first question in the survey. Firing a question at your participant may seem cold. A pre-survey message is a great way to break the ice with your audience. This short message can also be used to provide additional details or instructions for your text survey, if necessary.

Note: the pre-survey message needs a question to attach to, so your survey needs to have at least one question for it to work as it should.

To add a pre-survey message, head to the Text tab within your project. You'll then click Edit Number under Public Number:

In the Edit SMS Settings popup, you can add your Pre-survey message:

Be sure to click Save Settings! You can come back and edit this message at any time.

Note: The pre-survey message will send with the first question (in the same text bubble). It's best to keep it short and sweet! The longer the text, the higher the cost to send.

For example, when the participant texts in the keyword "bus route", the pre-survey message and the first question ("What is your first name?") are triggered:

You can choose to add an optional custom auto-reply message in the Edit SMS Settings window. Once you check the box next to Send a custom auto reply message on survey completion, the text box will appear:

The participant will receive this message once they have answered the final question:

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