This video tutorial describes how to create a new segment of users based on their responses to specific questions, e.g. all users who work in a communications role:

In the project admin interface, select CRM (1) from the menu panel and then click Create New Segment (2).

In the popup titled How would you like to segment your audience?, select the Question Response option which defines the criteria by which you wish to group respondents.

You can create a new segment using the Segment Builder.

The Segment Builder will list, in a series of popups, all the questions you have asked in your survey. 

You can select the response(s) participants should have made in order to be incuin the new segment you are creating. For instance, you could specify that only participants who prefer apples should be included. 

To continue to the next question, click Continue (1), or click on the Down arrow (2) to search for a specific question.

To search for a question, start typing a word or phrase. 

In this example, let us find users who have a particular role. Type "role" in the search box. A list of questions containing this word will be displayed. In this example, there is only one question related to the word “role”. Click on What best describes your role?

Let us assume we only want participants with a role in communications to be included in the new segment. Check Communications Coordinator and Public Information / Public Affairs, and then click Continue.

We want to group all CRM respondents who describe their role as one in communications in a Communicators segment. 

To create the segment and save its properties, in the Name this segment popup, type a meaningful name and click Create Segment

Now you can use this segment as a filter in your reports. 

Click Open to view the new segment and any others you created previously.  

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