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How can I create a survey template to create several similar surveys?
How can I create a survey template to create several similar surveys?

What is the best way to create multiple similar surveys?

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Survey templates are useful for members of your organization to quickly build their own unique surveys without having to create them from scratch. They make creating surveys faster and easier, and keep presentation formats more consistent with your organization’s brand. They also allow you to copy questions from existing surveys.

First, you'll create a survey by clicking on the New Project button on your home screen. Follow the prompts in th popup window, clicking the green Next button for each step.

1. Select a department

From the drop-down list, you can select a department to which this project belongs, e.g. the training department, or a specialized document and template department. Alternatively, you can assign it directly to finance, HR, or new organization.

2. Project Name

Make sure your survey states that it is a template in the title. You can change the name of your project later if you forget.

3. Participant Anonymity

Next, select a level of participant anonymity.

Tip: It is recommended to use Allow Anonymous. Require Login or Light Login means users will have to provide their email address or use social media to log in to the survey. As this is a survey template, you'll want to keep it as generic as possible, with as broad application as possible across your organization so that your colleagues can easily customize it for their own needs. 

4. Page Format

In keeping with trying to make this template as broadly generic and useful as possible, the Content & Questions option is the best bet – this is the option most commonly used for surveys. It can always be changed later when the template is copied to create a new survey. 

Select the Include a Sidebar checkbox to add one. 

Tip: The little “i” icon on the right of the checkbox will give you more information about this option.

To continue, click on the green Create Project button.

Your new survey template will be displayed on the Page & Survey tab where you can edit it to suit your organization's needs.

In the Page Description & Images section, you can add an icon (or logo) and page banner to your survey to convey your organization's branding across all your surveys via the template. You can also write a survey description, for instance, instructions on how to customize the template or a blurb about your organization. 

Tip: Use the rich text editor to add images and videos to your description.

In the Project Questions and Dynamic Content section, you can:
Add questions
Re-use or copy an existing question from a previous survey*
Add Content
Add a Step
Add documents
Click the articles above to learn how!

*An Important note on re-using questions: Re-use means the data collected will be fed back to the original question. Copy means the data collected from this questions will be stored only for this survey. In most cases, you will choose to copy the question as you will want the data to be independent of previous surveys, but there may be times when you wish to aggregate and track data over a specified period.

You can add as many content boxes as you like. This is useful if many of your organization’s surveys have a similar outline and you want to standardize the format.

Finally, you will want to copy your new survey template so it can be applied to a new survey or project. To do this, go to the Setting tab at the top of your survey template page.

Click on the Copy to a New Project Page button.

You can select a copy option in the Copy Project popup. Click Create a new, separate project similar to this one. This will copy the entire template to a brand new survey.

Next, you can select a department to associate with this survey and create a new name for it. To save the new survey, click on the blue Copy button.

Everything you created in the template – from the images to the questions – will be copied to the new survey. 

You can create multiple survey templates for different types of surveys or for use by different departments. You can also choose to create a survey template by copying an existing survey and editing the name to reflect that it is now a template.

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