An Idea Board or Idea Wall allows participants to post an idea, which can then be upvoted by other participants if they agree, working similar to a forum or a social media post. You can also choose to enable attachments for participants to submit relevant images or other files.

  1. Users can search in this text entry box for existing ideas that users have submitted.

  2. Users can choose to sort existing ideas by newest ideas or ideas with the most up-votes.

  3. Existing ideas will display here.

  4. Users can type in their new idea here.

  5. If attachments are allowed (keep reading for detail on this), they can be added here with this button.

  6. Clicking the Comment button will add the idea and any attachments to the "wall."

To allow users to include attachments, toggle the control for this setting on the question settings. You may then refine parameters like attachment number, attachment size and attachment type.

To refine the types of attachment types allowed, click into the associated tag box ("Attachment types to allow"). You can then add additional file types that users may add; these include a PDF, document, spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation. The Image file type is selected by default, and allows for .JPEG, .png, and .gif files to be uploaded. You may also click the "X" next to an attachment type to remove it from this list.

An Idea Board with user input will look something like this:

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