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How to make comments & questions public and visible on the meeting page
How to make comments & questions public and visible on the meeting page

Allow the public to view comments & questions about a meeting topic

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Whether you're hosting an in-person or virtual meeting, you may want to collect questions for the presenter of your meeting.

Read up on how to create a meeting or event here.

If you've enabled accepting comments & questions for your meeting, it's important to note that they are private by default.

To allow the public to view comments & questions that have been submitted, select the Public button.

Note: be sure to select Public when you first set up your meeting; otherwise, any comments you collect before you changed this setting to public will remain private unless the commenter has the option toggled to allow admins to make their comment public. If the user did not toggle this option on, you will not be able to make the comment public if you change this privacy setting later. However, any comments you receive after you select public will be visible to the public.

Private mode:

Public mode:

If you would like to prevent users from being able to keep their comments private when the public setting is enabled, toggle off the option Participants can opt to keep their comments private, located under More Comment Options in the meeting editor.

Privately-submitted comments cannot be made public by admins, but they will show up on the meeting for anyone who has admin access.

Moderators can also hide individual comments during a meeting. Learn more about comment admin actions here: Comment admin options & actions

Select More Comment Options to change when comments can be accepted. (Don't Accept Questions is also an option.)

If you don't see a comment box on your meeting, take a look at the timeframe you've chosen to accept meeting questions and comments:

For example, if you've chosen accept questions during event, but the meeting has yet to start, participants will only see the comment box once the meeting begins, and will only be able to leave a comment or question during the meeting.

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