If you've opted for image and file comments on your project, you'll need to know which question types can support them.

Qualitative Questions (open-ended)

Project admins can toggle these options on in the question level settings. Once toggled on, you'll be given the option to add the file types you'd like to allow.

For Comment or One-Line Comment, toggle on "Allow users to include attachments with comments."

Toggling this setting on will open the advanced settings prompt. You'll be able to limit the number and size of attachments and edit the file types participants can submit.

For an idea board, toggle on "Allow users to include attachments with comments."

Comment, One-line Comment, and Idea Board question types accept image, PDF, document, spreadsheet, or Power Point file types. To permit these attachment types, simply click on the box and select from the drop down menu or type the file type you'd like to allow.

To remove an attachment from attachment types to allow, click the X next to the file type.

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