Segmenting participants using equity mapping
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Equity Mapping is a community engagement tool that combines GIS data with engagement data and helps governments conduct more inclusive engagement. If equity mapping is a part of your current plan, you can now segment participants with equity mapping data. This will include or exclude residents based on their location.

To get started, go to your CRM dashboard and create a new segment. In the selection criteria menu, select Equity Mapping:

If you're not seeing this option available to you, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about adding Equity Mapping to your plan.

Once the Equity Mapping selection criteria has been selected, a prompt will appear to add a new equity mapping filter. In the drop down menu, select the equity mapping layer you would like to filter by. The list will contain pre-populated layers for you to choose from. Click Create Filter:

If there is a layer you're expecting to see but cannot find, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to request the addition of the layer.

Name your equity mapping segment in the next window and select Create Segment. Open your newly created equity map segment to view your segmented participants or add additional segment rules.

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