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Adjusting privacy settings for survey comments

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Comment questions can have their own anonymity settings that are separate from the anonymity settings of the survey where they live. Just like you can choose whether a user can or must add credentials for interacting with a survey, you can also allow them to comment on a survey with varying levels of privacy.

To access the anonymity settings for the comment question, click the EDIT icon on the comment question.

In the "Comment Display" settings you will be able to toggle the comments as either Public or Private. If Private is chosen, collected comments will not be displayed on the survey publicly. With Public, there are several relevant options to choose from.

Please note that the Fully Anonymous setting on a survey will take priority over any settings chosen on a comment question. A user will always be posting anonymously and prompt for name and email will never be given if the survey is set to Fully Anonymous.

  1. Collect name and email: if enabled, this will present name and email fields to the user when they comment.

  2. Require name and email: if this is enabled, the above fields will be presented and they will be mandatory for the user to leave a comment. Take care when choosing to enable this option as it can be seen as a barrier to engagement.

  3. Participant's name is public: this determines whether commenter's name is displayed along with their comment.

  4. Participants can opt to keep their comments private: if this is enabled, users will be presented with a toggle for posting their comment publicly or not, assuming the above is enabled (otherwise, this option will not appear but all names will be hidden automatically). If users toggle the option off, their comment will be shown but without their name.

The user will see this when adding a comment with the above settings in place:

Comments can then be shown with or without the user's name based on their selection. In the below example, the first comment was left by a user who toggled off the option to post publicly, and the comment below had this toggle enabled so their name would be displayed.

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