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Manually translating a survey with Click to Translate
Manually translating a survey with Click to Translate

How to manually translate elements in your survey

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Translating your entire survey can be done easily with Last-Mile Translation. However, there may be times when you wish to make smaller translations to your survey beyond what Last-Mile offers. For these cases, consider using the Click to Translate feature.

You can access Click to Translate within the Last-Mile Translation window. As a reminder, you will want to create a custom link associated with a language to do this. This is done on the survey Settings tab.

If you already have a custom-language link created, you may click the cog icon below the language in the table below.

Within the Last-Mile Translation window that should open after clicking the cog, you can click Click To Translate in the upper-right corner of the screen.

After clicking the above, click on any element in the survey that you wish to revise. In our case, let's click on the descriptor text to the left of the Comment button.

This will open a Translation modal where we can revise the translated text. Once we're done, we can click Save to save our changes, or Save & Add Another to choose another element to translate in the survey.

Our revisions should be visible on the survey!

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