We've added a Navigation Bar layout option – similar to the Public Portal Navigation Bar layout – to help better organize information within your projects. In addition to Content + Question surveys with single-page layouts or multiple-step layouts, you can now opt to go for a more standard "website" look by using the newly added Navigation Bar.

First, you'll need to determine what type of layout best suits your project or survey needs. Think about the participants who will be engaging with your project, and how they will need to navigate through it. If you decide this layout is the best fit for your project or initiative, you can check out how to add this feature below.

The Navigation Bar requires the project to have multiple steps. These steps (sometimes referred to as "tabs" or "pages") will serve as your Navigational Headers, or the pages within your project.

First, head to your Project Questions and Dynamic Content area.

Click + Add New Step to add a new step or "page" to your layout:

Steps are numbered by default. To edit the title of the step (the text that will appear on the navigation bar), click the Edit icon (pencil) next to the numbered step name:

Then, type in the step/page title text, then click the blue check mark to save:

Next, we'll convert the steps to a Navigation Bar layout. Click Edit next to the + (add step) button:

Note: If you prefer the participant to navigate through your project or survey in specific order (sequentially, from left to right –>), leave the "Survey steps are clickable" option toggled off (default setting). This should also be left toggled off if using skip-logic.

If you're sticking with steps, you can opt to make your steps clickable, meaning the participant can bounce around to any step or page they like. Steps and tabbed navigation will continue to be the standard for projects and surveys that need to progress sequentially or require skip-logic.

Toggling on the "step names are clickable" option allows the participant to bounce around, but this also means they may read information out of order, or may choose skip pages containing information, video content, or survey questions entirely.

Optionally, the "Continue" button that appears at the bottom of the page can also be toggled off:

NOTE: These settings need to be determined before converting your project to the Navigation Bar layout. You can always make changes at a later date (nothing is set in stone,) but this will require temporarily converting the project back to the Survey Steps layout in order to update these settings.

Click the Navigation Bar button to convert your project layout, and be sure to save your changes by clicking the blue Save button:

To view your new navigation bar layout, click the View Live Site button in the top right corner:

This allows you to preview the project layout as the public will see it:

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