How can I track traffic to my survey?

Using different methods to determine how users got to your survey

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There are 3 ways to track project or survey traffic:

Referral Traffic Sources

Perhaps the best way to track the source of traffic to a survey is to reference the Referral Traffic Sources section of the survey Participants tab. This shows a count of visits to the survey from their respective web domain.

Custom URL Segments

By creating a custom URL that adds its visitors to a segment, you will be able to see who visited your page based on the custom link and specific location(s) or media outlets that you've posted or shared it to, such as a custom link at different bus stops for blue line, green line, and red line riders, etc. posted at each of the blue, green, and red line bus stops.

This option also works with the QR code provided for each custom link or custom language link:

Creating a custom language link segment for the most prevalent non-english languages in your project area and provides an easy way to make your survey accessible to Limited-English speakers. The segment groups your audience so that you can also provide follow-up communications and updates in the residents' preferred-language.

The links above are tied to segments – one for Spanish speakers (Español), French (Fraçais), and Vietnamese speakers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST create custom language segments when you create the custom link, BEFORE publishing the survey. This option does not work retroactively.

Integrating with Google Analytics can provide some powerful and detailed insights into your web traffic. This option can even provide insights beyond referral tracking and measure other engagement like clicks, responses and comment opens.

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