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How to add Frequently Asked Questions to your Project
How to add Frequently Asked Questions to your Project

Adding FAQ's to project or sidebar content

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Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ's can be added to a project, Project Group, or sidebar in PublicInput, and appear in a convenient & compact module.

Participants can click on an FAQ to view the answer below.

How to add FAQ's to your project or project group:

Click the Add Other button and select "? Frequently Asked Questions":

If you have multiple steps in your project, as shown above, the FAQ list will be added to the step you have selected. You can drag and drop this module to another step within your project if you change your mind about the project's layout later.

FAQ Module

The Add Frequently Asked Questions module will appear. Click the New Frequently Asked Question button to add your question:

Type in the question, and then click within the Answer content area:

The content editor is similar to the project content editing panel, and WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get)! Add any content, such as text, images, tables, links, and more to customize your answer:

Changes are saved automatically, but you'll still need to click the Save & Close button at the bottom of the screen to exit the FAQ module:

Your FAQ section will be visible your project:

When you're ready to see how the FAQ's will display on your project, click the View Live Site button in the top right corner of your project page:

Tip: You can add a step to your project to host FAQ's on, and optionally change the default step name ("Step #") to "FAQ", if you like. Here's an example of a project that has done exactly that:

How to add FAQ's to a Sidebar:

If you've added a Sidebar to your project, you can opt to add Frequently Asked Questions to it. so This is especially helpful when a project has multiple steps. The Sidebar remains static on the page, allowing participants to re-visit the FAQ list as need, no matter what step they are on.

On the Project Sidebar panel, click Add Item, and select ? Frequently Asked Questions from the dropdown menu:

From here, the steps mirror the steps listed above in the FAQ Modal section.

Note: You can drag and drop items in the Sidebar panel to reorder them, but you will not be able to drag any of these items into the main Project content section. Similarly, items in the Project Content area cannot be moved into the Sidebar.

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