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How to add custom questions to the demographic module
How to add custom questions to the demographic module

Customize the demographic module by removing default questions, and adding your own custom questions

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Demographic questions are tied to U.S. Census data. Their question prompts and response options cannot be edited. If these default questions do not meet your project needs, you can opt to customize the demographic module to add your own custom demographic questions, like more specific gender or race questions.

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How to add a demographic question

How to add a demographic question:

If you've added the Demographics module to your project, you'll see it contains all 5 questions by default. You can remove any default question from the question set.

To do this, head to the admin side of your project and click the EDIT gear next to the demographic module:

How to remove a default question:

You can remove any question(s) from this question set by clicking the 3 dots (menu) button to the right of the question:

In this case, we're removing the System Default Gender question "What is your Gender?" You can opt to add your own custom question(s).
You can create a custom question in the project you're working in and hide it, or you can add it to another, separate project.

Adding a custom question:

Once you've created a custom question, you can open the demographics module question and click the +Add Question button:

You'll then select your question from the dropdown list:

The question will be listed by the Project name first, followed by the question.
Ex: "Refresher Training: More inclusive gender question" in the list above.

Customizing the demographic module prompts:

You can further customize the language in the demographic module under Optional Customization:

Click Save Settings, and your demographic module will be live with your custom questions added.

How to edit the demographic module that appears on submit (for your entire organization):

If you're adding custom demographics as a follow up to your project or survey, you can customize this question set on the organizational Settings page under the Default Questions tab:

You can add or remove demographic questions in the same way here on the Default Questions tab, but please note: this will change the end of page submit button demographics module for the entire organization.

Note: Admins with restricted organizational permissions as well as those who only have project-specific admin access will not be able to edit the default questions for the organization.

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