Are you looking for a way to collect "other" responses without using a separate comment question? You can add an "other" response in any select one option or select multiple options question. This feature allows the participant to select "other" as a response option, and then type in their alternative response all in one response.

Take a look at the example below:

To set this up, you'll choose between a select one option or select multiple options question:

Select one option allows a participant to select only one response option.
Select multiple options allows the participant to select several or all response options.

1. Enter your question prompt & click Continue.

You can edit this prompt on the next screen as well, or come back and edit it at any time.

2. Enter your response options:

You can add additional response options by clicking the + New Option button, or hitting the return (enter) key after you type each response.

3. click the blue Save New Options button after you've entered all but the "other" response.

4. Next, click the Add "Other" button under your question response options:

This will add the other response for you. You can leave the response set to "other," or opt to customize the response option text here if needed:

Note: The "Other" indicator (in teal) on the response option:

Close the question window (X), and your "Other" option will be in your response options on the live site.

Note: Per best practices, we highly recommend adding explainer text to the question prompt when you want participants to provide their specific answer or reason for selecting "Other."

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