The explainer text feature allows you to add more information or a specific explanation to survey questions. 

When you add a new question, you will see a second content box below the Question wording box. This is the explainer text box.

A few examples might include letting participants know they can select more than one answer on a Select multiple options question. For a question that has only one correct answer, you could type "Only one answer is correct" to let participants know that there is a correct answer.

You can also add explainer text so participants know how to provide a response on more advanced question types - like a ranking question.

Participants taking the survey will see this explanation in grey text below the question itself:

If question responses are not public, you can use explainer text to let participants know their answers will be received, but not shown:

Explainer text can also make your survey more accessible to users with visual impairments. You can use it to clarify how participants can provide feedback on advanced or visual question formats, like consensus or map-based questions.

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