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What can I do with Advanced Options for Questions?
What can I do with Advanced Options for Questions?

Learn how to make questions required, change placeholder text and more

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Advanced Options are available for all question types. You can make questions required, change their formatting, and change the placeholder text that appears for participants. You can change your Advanced Options in the question window when you first create your question, or you can go back and edit the advanced options at any time.

Different question types may also have a few extra advanced option settings. We'll look at those at the end of this article.

First: Let's take a look at how each of the basic settings work, and how they'll look on a live project.

Require a response

Require a response allows you to make questions required or optional. Default means that a response is not required. You can select Required to require that participants answer the question to continue or complete the survey; you can also choose Not Required to ensure that the question is optional. Click Save Advanced Options to save your selection.

If a question is required, participants will see an asterisk (*) next to the question and will be prompted to answer the question (if they haven't) before being able to move to the next step or complete the survey.

Response request text

Response request text allows you to customize the message participants see when answering questions. The default is "respond to see results." If you'd like this message to say something different, type it in the box and click Save Advanced Options. For example, you could enter "Select your choice to see results."

This is how it will appear to participants:

Comment button text

Customize what appears on your comment button by using the Comment Button Text box. The default text is "Post Comment" but you can add whatever you'd like. Click Save Advanced Options to save your text. For example:

This is how it will appear to participants:

Comment Box Placeholder

This allows you to customize the prompt that appears in the comment box. The default setting is "Please share your thoughts & ideas..." but you can add whatever you'd like. Click Save Advanced Options to save your text.

This is how it will appear to participants:

Question-specific Advanced Options

Some questions - like select one option, or select multiple options - offer additional advanced settings.

Response option formatting

In the select one or multiple option questions, you can choose whether participants click a button (Default - Buttons) to select an option (that's the default setting), or use a Dropdown List to select an option.

This is how the dropdown list will appear to participants:

Limit Number of Choices

When using select multiple options or ranking questions, you can set a limit on the number of items participants select. The default is 0, for unlimited choices. For example, if you want to ensure participants only select their top 5 options (or similar), you'll need to set the limit to 5, as you see below:

Participants won't be able to select more than 5 options. When they click a sixth option, their first option will be de-selected. For example, if they selected swings, benches, water fountains, restrooms and dog area, clicking the sixth option of bike path would de-select swings:

If you turn on this option, it's best to add explainer text so that your participants understand that they are limited to only 5 options.

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