Uploading Activity Log Data to the CRM

How to import new data into your CRM using a CSV file.

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The Activity Log is used to include additional information in your project, like phone conversations that happened outside the platform. The Activity Log allows you to track a wide variety of activities, and you can add all sorts of custom activity types such as a detail about when customers reached out to give your team praise. PublicInput.com uses this feature to track in-house training - for example, information about people who have enrolled in company training.

To get started, go to the Activity Log tab on your CRM Page.

You can add a new activity by clicking the + New Activity button in the upper-right corner.

On the modal that displays, you may enter the data into the fields and click the Save New Activity button in the lower-right corner.

This method of logging activities is well-designed for one or two activities but a little manual for large volumes of new activities. For large volumes of data, you can use the Data Input tool which automates the inputting of data to the Activity Log.

Let's see how it works.

First, go to your Settings page.

On the Settings page, select Data Import. From the Data Type dropdown, select Activity Logs.

The fields PublicInput recognizes are listed in the Recognizable Fields section.

Here is an example of a spreadsheet that includes an Activity column. In this example, we want to upload the details of people at PublicInput who are enrolled in training.

Note: It is important that when you add an Activity column to your spreadsheet you use a name that exists in your system for each entry - for example, in PublicInput's case, Enrolled in Training. You could upload a list of people involved in any type of activity, for example On Vacation, but the name On Vacation must exist in your system.

After you have populated your spreadsheet, save it as a .csv (CSV UTF-8 format) file.

To upload this file, on the Import Data page, either drag and drop the .csv file you created earlier into the Drag & Drop Files Here section or click the Select File button to select it from your file system.

*Note - successful uploads require a stable internet connection on a secure (https) connection. Most modern browsers require this, so if you've got Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari running, you should be fine.

After a few seconds of processing, you will see a list of uploaded files at the bottom of the screen, including your latest .csv file. To import this data into your Activity Log, click on the Process File button.

In the next dialog, you will be able to choose the file type as well as the destination project and department.

After you have uploaded your spreadsheet, you can view these details on the Activity Log tab in your project.

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