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How to add a meeting or event to a specific location on your project page
How to add a meeting or event to a specific location on your project page

Change where your meeting or event appears in your project by using the "Add Other" button

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If you've created a meeting & published it, the meeting will appear at the top of your project page, above any survey content you may have.

You may decide you'd like your meeting to follow a set of questions, or "gate" your meeting content. "Gating" your meeting involves creating multiple steps, such as requiring your audience to answer questions on the first step of your project, like contact info or demographic questions while hosting the meeting information on step two, or a subsequent step.

Note: Meetings are associated with projects. You can add meetings to project groups, but you cannot add a different project's meeting to a specific project. If the meeting does not appear on the Meetings & Offline tab, then you do not have a meeting associated with your project.

To add an event to a specific place in your survey, you'll first need to make the meeting private.

Go to the Meetings & Offline tab and switch the meeting from public (green) to private (white).

You can also do this by editing the meeting:

and turning off the toggle (indicated in white) to Automatically Display event on project website under the meeting's Public Description.

This hides the meeting, allowing you to add it to a specific location on your survey, or to a specific step.

To add the meeting to your survey content, head back to the Page & Survey tab. Scroll down to the Project Questions and Dynamic Content section, and click Add Other.

Next, select Events from the dropdown menu. In the Select an event to include window, you'll choose the event (or meeting) you want to add.

Note: If no events appear in the drop-down menu, that means you do not have any meetings associated with this project. When you create a meeting from the dashboard, you'll need to associate it with the existing project, or you can create the meeting in the project's Meetings & Offline tab.

The meeting will appear below any existing content or questions that are already on the Page & Survey tab. You can drag & drop the event wherever you like in the survey layout, including across steps. For example, the meeting below was moved to step 2 of this survey:

To view your meeting in the new layout, click View Live Site in the upper right-hand corner.

You'll see your meeting has been added to the survey content, in this case, between a question and 2 content blocks on step 2.

Note: meetings will be the full width of the survey content area, meaning you can't adjust them to be smaller (something you can do with individual content and question boxes.)

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