How to verify your YouTube account (Legacy)

Verify your YouTube account before you go live

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NOTE: Due to changes YouTube has made, only existing accounts that were made & verified prior to May, 2020 will be able to stream meetings using YouTube, unless you also have 1,000+ YouTube channel subscribers.

Previously, the 1,000+ subscriber stipulation was only for streaming on a mobile device. YouTube is now requiring this in order to stream for all newly created accounts. If you do have 1000+ subscribers, you will still need to verify your channel, as detailed below.

As it can be very hard to get and maintain 1000+ subscribers, this may not be an option for your organization. Please check out our article on streaming your WebEx or Zoom meetings using facebook live here:
Setting up a meeting and adding a facebook live stream

It's best practice to use your organization's account rather than a personal YouTube account. If you've created a new account & made it to 1000+ subscribers, Congrats! You'll still need to verify your channel.

How to verify your channel:

Head to your organization's YouTube account and click the camera icon in the top right corner, then choose Go live. You won't be able to go live yet, but this will prompt you to verify the account.

On the following popup window, click Get started:

You'll need to activate your account a MINIMUM of 24 hours before you plan to go live. It's best to give yourself some time to practice, so be sure to verify your account well ahead of your upcoming meeting's start time. You cannot create an account and livestream in the same day, per YouTube's verification policy.

Also note, that you can livestream from your computer (laptop or desktop,) with an account that was verified before May 2020, but you cannot livestream from a mobile device or from a newly created account without having 1,000+ subscribers to your YouTube channel. Your amount of subscribers may fluctuate, so it's best to livestream from a computer if you've completed the verification process already.

After the 24 hour period is up, Congrats! You're verified! Now you can Live stream on YouTube!

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