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Setting up your streaming options
Setting up a meeting and adding a Facebook live stream
Setting up a meeting and adding a Facebook live stream

Host a virtual meeting using facebook Live

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Here's a quick video for how to set up a meeting and add a Facebook live stream:

Note: It is recommended you have your tablet or phone at hand as it will make it easier, and quicker, to set up a Facebook Live stream. You'll use it to create a new feed and then you can just jump back to your computer to update your event with the feed URL.

To get started setting up a meeting, head over to your Engagement dashboard and select New Event from the Create New Item drop-down list.

In the next dialog displayed, there are a number of options for creating a meeting: you will want to name it, set the date and time, select a videoconferencing service, specify whether your event will provide streaming video, select the project associated with the meeting and choose a department. 


You have the option to select a location. In this case, we’re setting up a virtual meeting, so we’ll leave it blank. The time zone defaults to your current location, but you can change it. 
Note: the time zone must match your virtual meetings time zone, otherwise the meeting will not start on time!

  • In this example, we will use Facebook Live to broadcast the meeting. You can enter the Facebook live URL if you already have one or, as we will do later on in this example, create it on-the-fly.

  • You can also associate the meeting with an existing survey or create a new project with its own questions (as we have in this example) 

Event options

Click Create and your event will be created, wrapped in a new survey without any associated questions (because we selected Create a new project earlier.)
Tip: We suggest you create some questions on the Page & Survey tab ahead of the meeting, to get the ball rolling, but you don't have to. When the feed goes live, input will be displayed on the Comments tab in real-time.

As you can see, there are a number of options available to help you conduct an outreach ahead of the event, for instance, enabling comments, managing messaging, linking to Google calendar, etc. 

The default tab is Meetings & Offline but if you want to begin adding questions to your new survey first (as we suggested), jump straight to the Page & Survey tab. It’s entirely up to you. 

Tip: When you create new questions in the Project Questions and Dynamic Content section on the Page & Survey tab, you will be given an option to use existing questions from the Examples Library. Here’s a sneak preview:

Before we show you how to live stream this meeting, let’s take a quick look at what participants will view on the public URL. This is also an opportunity to do some event editing, e.g. adding a meeting description.

On the right of the Meetings and Events page, next to Participants, click the three dots (). This will provide some options in a dropdown menu. Click on your Meeting URL (which differs from your Project URL) and you will be directed to the page that event participants will see when they join the meeting.

Here, they will see the event and any questions you have set up in association with the meeting.

Note: In this example, we haven’t built out our questions or set up the video feed yet, but you can get the picture. After we've added a live stream, the feed will be displayed here.

Creating a live stream

Tip: It is recommended you get out your tablet or phone for the next section as these devices are better equipped to initially set up the feed. And, it makes it easier for you toggle between your feed and the event setup page. 

How to edit an event

Click on the dropdown menu () next to Participants. This time, select Edit to modify some event settings.

In the Event Settings dialog, scroll down to further customize your event. You can, for instance, specify whether you will allow questions during the meeting. Now is also a good time to customize the event description (click in the box under Public Description).  

How to grab the Facebook Live stream URL for your meeting event 

First, go to your Facebook page and, ideally on your tablet or phone, create a new post as a LIVE video. And let it roll.

Next, on a new tab on your computer, go to your Facebook home page and find the video stream you have created. Your live video will appear on your facebook wall (or feed,) or you can click on Videos in the right column and choose your fb live stream.

You need to copy the link address from the address bar, or right-click the video and select “Copy Link Address.”

Now you can go back to the Event Settings page and paste this URL under the Streaming Video Service section for your event. 

Click Save & View Public Page at the bottom of the meeting editor window to test your streaming video.

OR, click the drop-down menu on the meeting and select the public meeting URL.

And ..... you're ready to join the meeting and start asking questions!

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