Alternative text, or alt text, is when you provide a written description of images or graphics in your survey project for those with visual impairments. It's a web accessibility best practice.

You can add alt text anytime you upload your logo, banner image, graphic or photo in your survey. Here's how:

When uploading a NEW image:

1a. Click the Upload (Icon/Banner Image)  

1b. or Insert Image button 

2.  Browse your computer for an image OR drag and drop a file into the dashed box. 

3.  Type text into the grey Image alt text box. Click the green Save Image Details button to save your alt text. 

NOTE: Alt text is not always saved with the image in your media library. You must add alt text to new image uploads AND when you reuse an image in your projects.

When reusing an existing image:

Image alt text is not always saved in your media library. When you add an existing image to a survey project, you may need to type in your alt text again. 

1. Click the Insert Image or Upload button to access the Media Library.

2. Click to select an image from your Media Library. The image you select will be immediately added to your project. 

3.  Right click or ctrl+click (Mac) on your image and select Image Properties.

4. Click the Image Info tab. Type your alt text into the Alternative Text box, then click the green OK button. 

Need tips on writing effective alternative text descriptions? WebAIM has great tips:

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