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Send a welcome email to a new list of subscribers
Send a welcome email to a new list of subscribers

When participants sign up for a contact list, the system can automatically send a welcome email of your choosing

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Users can automatically be sent a welcome email when they are added to a list within the CRM. This can be done one of two ways:

  1. By setting up an automated action (automation) on the list settings within the CRM, or

  2. By assigning an email campaign to a contact info question where the user signs up. We'll cover both of these below.

Option 1: Adding an automated action to a subscriber list in the CRM

If you have a subscriber list - be that one associated with a contact form, a project, or your subscriber hub, you might want to set up your automation on the list itself.

For this route, navigate to the CRM and click on the Lists tab. On the list you wish to use, click the Actions button and select Automation from the list of choices.

A modal will prompt you to assign either a welcome email or a welcome text message to send to users added to the list. In this case, we'll choose the first option: Assign Auto-Send Email.

You will then choose an email template to use for sending to the users automatically. Select the one desired from the drop-down and click Assign.

Once the template has been assigned, you will see its name selected, as well as the option to Edit Email Template at the right.

At this point the automation has been successfully setup. Any user who is added to this list via a contact info question completion will receive an email from the template selected.

Merge fields: If you've setup merge fields setup on your email template, we'll attempt to match fields from the new subscriber to populate these fields on send.

Option 2: Assigning a campaign from a contact info question in a project or survey

On the other hand, you may wish to set up this welcome email from the contact info question itself from the survey where it's located.

To do this, click the Edit button on the contact info question and click the "On Submit" tab on the question settings modal. Under "Send Email Campaign on Signup," click the Assign a campaign button and choose your campaign from the drop-down and click Assign.

Please note that the email send will be triggered by the completion of the contact info question rather than the completion of the survey. As long as the user fills out the contact info question, they will be added to the list and will receive the welcome email - regardless of any other interaction they have with the survey.

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