A subscriber list contains a list of participants who have indicated they are interested in receiving notifications from you and being kept up to date about your project.Β 

In this example, we are going to create a segment (group) of people who have signed up to a specific subscriber list. As you will see, we’re going to include everyone who belongs to this list, but you could, target participants who signed up to a list during a specific time period, e.g. in the last 30 days.

To create a segment based on subscriber list, go to your CRM page and click Create New Segment.Β 

In the next dialog, choose your selection criteria, in this case Subscriber List.

Next, select from the dropdown list the subscriber list you wish to use to create the segment. Type a keyword in the search box to filter the list. Having selected a list, click Continue.

In the next dialog, you can specify which participants you wish to include in this segment based on when they signed up to the list (optional). Then, click Continue.

Give the segment a meaningful name and click Create Segment.

Your new segment will be listed on your CRM page. Here, you search for it and, once you find it, click on it to view and edit it.

You can create new rules to include or exclude participants from this segment.Β 

You can also create segments by:
Comment tag
Question Response
Meetings or Events
Project Participants
Email Recipients

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