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Collecting participant zip code
Collecting participant zip code

If you'd prefer not to use the location question format, a simple zip code collection question format is available.

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To add a zip code collection question to your project, head over to the Page & Survey tab. 

Click Add Question.

Select Zip Code under the Participant Information questions:

Enter your prompt. This can be specific, such as a home or work zip code.

By default, the zip codes will be associated with the participant's home location. If you'd like to associate this as a work location, or other location type, you can change that in the question options:

Once you've specified the location type, exit the window and your question will appear on the Page & Survey tab.

To view the project as your participants will see it, click the View Live Site button in the upper right hand corner.

This will open a new window with your live Project. The zip code question will appear similar to the example below:

Like the location question type, all responses will be converted to a Lat/Long point at the center of the zip code and associated with the participant in the CRM. Because of this, the field allows for non-numeric data to be entered for the sake of postal codes that are not strictly numeric, such as Canadian postal codes, with the data being converted to geospatial coordinates on the back-end.

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