To add a zip code collection question to your project, head over to the Page & Survey tab. 

Click Add Question.

Select Zip Code under the Participant Information questions:

Enter your prompt - this can be specific - such as a home or work zip code.

By default, the zip codes will be associated with the participant's home location. If you'd like to associate this as a work location, or other location type, you can change that in the question options:

Once you've specified the location type, exit the window and your question will appear on the Page & Survey tab.

To view the project as your participants will see it, click the View Live Site button in the upper right hand corner.

This will open a new window with your live Project. The zip code question will appear similar to the example below:

Like the location question type, all responses will be converted to a Lat/Long point at the center of the zip code and associated with the participant in the CRM.

See also: Collecting Participant Location

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