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Using live polling in virtual and in-person meetings
Using live polling in virtual and in-person meetings

How to use Meeting Projector Mode, launch projector view for in-person engagement and filter in-meeting results

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The Projector Screen and Live Polling options allow the presenter to display survey questions to a live audience during a meeting by means of a screen share.

This option is great for asking an audience a question live in the moment, giving them time to respond to the question, and then relaying the results in real time.

Before launching the Projector Screen for live polling during a meeting, you'll first need to create a project with survey questions. You can create a meeting on your project's Meetings & Offline tab.

To access the Projector Screen and Live Polling, navigate to the project's Meetings & Offline tab:

You can launch the Projector Screen in one of 2 ways:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Meetings & Offline tab, and click "Open Default Projector View":

– OR –

  • Click the ellipsis (3 dots) button found to the right of the meeting:

    Select "Open Projector Screen" from the drop down menu.

Either option above will open the main projector screen view:

The project URL is listed so that your audience can respond to your survey. During your live meeting, you'll share this screen in your meeting platform.

Stepping through questions on screen

In the top left corner of your meeting screen, click the hamburger menu button (the three horizontal lines) In this menu, click "Show questions" to display the first survey question in the Projector Screen:

The idea is to ask your live audience a question, give them time to type or select their response(s) or "vote," and then display the results (a.k.a. live vote counts) in real-time.

To view live responses as they populate, click Show Results:

The responses automatically refresh every 15 seconds.

For most questions, you'll need to select the graph type you'd like your response data to display. Choose between the horizontal bar graph, which includes the raw vote counts, or a pie graph. If you have open comments associated with your question, you can opt to display comments as well. Comments that trigger the profanity filter will be automatically hidden.

⭐️ Tip: Showing all respondents’ comments versus only those from respondents who attended the meeting can be very insightful. Attendees’ comments are often reflective of a sub-set of the meeting topic, presenting what respondents outside the meeting consider the prevailing view. Comments from outside the meeting can offer a different view on a subject and often challenge the so-called prevailing wisdom, bringing new insights to the table. If you play around with these options, you will get a more balanced view of the response to your questions.

Click the arrow at the bottom right of the screen to advance to the next question in the presentation. This menu is available to navigate through the on-screen questions:

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