The Projector Screen and Live Polling options allow the presenter to display content to a live audience during a meeting by means of a screen share.

Before using presentation mode at a meeting, first create a meeting or event for your project. You can create a meeting from the dashboard, or from the Meetings & Offline tab.

To access the Projector Screen and Live Polling, navigate to the Meetings & Offline tab and then to the ellipsis button found at the right of the meeting below Meetings & Events.

Opening the menu, you'll see two options to open your meeting projector screen interface: "Open Projector Screen" or "Contactless Sign in":

Either of these options will open the main projector screen view:

At this point you will want to share your screen on your video streaming program for users to see the presentation!

Stepping through questions on screen

In the top left corner of your meeting screen, click the menu button (the three horizontal lines). If your project or meeting has questions that are eligible for meeting participation, you'll see a "Show Questions" option. Click this to begin showing questions on-screen.

The first question in your project will be displayed. To view responses live, click Show Results

You will be able to see the responses sent to this meeting shortcode here in real-time. The responses automatically refresh every 15 seconds.

⭐️ Tip: Showing all respondents’ comments versus only those from respondents who attended the meeting can be very insightful. Attendees’ comments are often reflective of a sub-set of the meeting topic, presenting what respondents outside the meeting consider the prevailing view. Comments from outside the meeting can offer a different view on a subject and often challenge the so-called prevailing wisdom, bringing new insights to the table. If you play around with these options, you will get a more balanced view of the response to your questions.

Click the arrow at the bottom right of the screen to advance to the next question in the presentation. This menu is available to navigate through the on-screen questions:

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