Before using presentation mode at a meeting, first create a meeting or event for your project. You can create a meeting from the dashboard, or from the Meetings & Offline tab.

On the Meetings & Offline tab below Meetings & Events, you can view and modify how the meeting will appear on the projector screen and view the responses you received during the meeting.

To view and modify what people will see on the projector screen during the meeting, click the drop down menu () to the right of your meeting and click Edit.

The Event Settings will appear in a popup window, describing the meeting, e.g. where and when it will take place.

Scroll down to the Projector Screen section. 

You can add content in the Opening Screen Content text box.

Step 1: Click in the Opening Screen Content text box to add the text you'd like to display on the projector screen. There are number of options available in the WYSIWYG editor you will see up next, e.g. you can bold or italicize text, use different fonts and heading, and even add images.

Step 2: The Meeting Short URL (its address) is automatically generated and assigned. 

Step 3: The Text Message Shortcode is the code attendees will use to send their responses, comments and questions during the meeting. All responses using this shortcode are associated with this meeting, which makes it easy for you later to analyze those responses.

Note: If you've enabled a text survey to correspond to your meeting, check the box to show text message comments in real time on the meeting screen.

At the bottom of the Event Settings popup, click Save & Open Meeting Screen to preview the projector screen. This preview screen will display what meeting participants will see live during the meeting event. 

The URL for the meeting – in this case, – is the same one respondents will enter to join the meeting on their device. 

On the big day, click Start Meeting.

The first question will be displayed. To view responses live, click Show Results

You will be able to see the responses sent to this meeting shortcode here in real-time. The responses automatically refresh every 15 seconds.

Tip: Showing all respondents’ comments versus only those from respondents who attended the meeting can be very insightful. Attendees’ comments are often reflective of a sub-set of the meeting topic, presenting what respondents outside the meeting consider the prevailing view. Comments from outside the meeting can offer a different view on a subject and often challenge the so-called prevailing wisdom, bringing new insights to the table. If you play around with these options, you will get a more balanced view of the response to your questions.

Click the arrow at the top right of the screen to advance to the next question in the presentation.

Navigate the survey at the top right of the screen, e.g. move between questions and refresh questions.

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