Embed Live Voting in a PowerPoint

Create a slide presentation with questions embedded for live polling

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So you're ready to go live with audience participation, great!

If you're hosting a virtual or hybrid meeting, you may want to check out our article on using Live Polling during a live meeting. You might find it easier to switch between your slide presentation and the Projector Screen that PublicInput provides on the Meetings & Offline tab.

1) Get your presentation screen link

Once you've opened your survey, click the Meetings & Offline tab.

You can open the Projector Screen in one of 2 ways:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Meetings & Offline tab and click the Open Default Projector View button:

– OR –

  • Click the 3 dots next to the Meeting and select Open projector screen:

Whichever way you opt to get there, you should see the Projector screen with your project URL that looks something like this:

Note, this screen (above) can be customized, but you won't need that if embedding a question directly into a PowerPoint presentation.

Next, click the hamburger menu (three lines) in the top left corner, and select "Show questions":

You can flip through the questions with the arrow > button in the bottom right:

Once you're on the question you want to embed, click the small menu (3 dots) at the top right of the screen, then click "Get Embed Link":

You'll see a modal open with options similar to the following:

Copy the link for the question you want to embed, or the overall presentation (your choice).

2) Get setup in PowerPoint

For the purposes of this demo, we'll be using a tool called "Web Viewer" to embed Meeting Mode in your presentation. On PowerPoint online, you'll see an option for "Office Add-ins" under the "Insert" tab.

Click on Office Add-ins, then select 'Store' and search for "web viewer":

Once you have the *Free* Web Viewer plugin selected, click "Add".

Once installed, click "Office Add-ins" > "Web Viewer" to add an embed frame to your slide:

Now you can paste in the link you copied from PublicInput.com to include the live view of audience participation on this slide.

You should now see a live view of your Meeting Mode page displayed in your presentation, similar to the following:

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