So you're ready to go live with audience participation, great!

Once you've opened your survey, browse the 'Meetings and Offline' tab, and open Meeting Mode or the presentation view for your event.

Once in the Meeting Mode presentation window, you should see a screen like this:

Once you're on the question you want to embed, click the small menu at the top right of the screen, then click "Get Embed Link":

You'll see a modal open with options similar to the following:

Copy the link for the question you want to embed, or the overall presentation (your choice).

2) Get setup in PowerPoint

For the purposes of this demo, we'll be using a tool called "Web Viewer" to embed Meeting Mode in your presentation. On PowerPoint online, you'll see an option for "Office Add-ins" under the "Insert" tab.

Click on Office Add-ins, then select 'Store' and search for "web viewer":

Once you have the *Free* Web Viewer plugin selected, click "Add".

Once installed, click "Office Add-ins" > "Web Viewer" to add an embed frame to your slide:

Now you can paste in the link you copied from to include the live view of audience participation on this slide.

You should now see a live view of your Meeting Mode page displayed in your presentation, similar to the following:

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