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How to limit survey to specific people/internal employees
How to limit survey to specific people/internal employees
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As a philosophy and general best practice, we are all about increasing engagement and lowering barriers to entry, so we generally advise against limiting participation in this way.
Here are a few options you can implement:

Option 1: Keep your survey in Draft Mode and share the "Login-Free Access" Link with only those you want to participate.

Option 2: Create the project and share the link with only those who you would like to take your survey. Unless you use SEO or Meta Tags to bring more traffic to your project, the project won't be very high on the Google search list.

Please Note: This option will not stop anyone you invite to participate from sharing the link or forwarding it to others.

Option 3: Gate your content with a Contact Information question on a stepped survey.

  1. Add a step

  2. Add a contact information question to step 1 (you can rename the steps as well)

  3. You can choose to require select fields (e.g. the name and email fields) or ask for multiple fields and make the whole question required. The participant won't be able to take your survey without providing this information.

  4. Create your survey content on step 2 (you can add additional steps if needed.)

This setup will force those with the link to provide their name & email or other contact info, and you'll be able to cull out anyone who was not invited to the survey on the Participants Tab.

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