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What to do if the Intercom icon isn't showing for you
What to do if the Intercom icon isn't showing for you
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Intercom is PublicInput's communication platform for questions, bug reporting and feature requests. The chat bubble appears on most PublicInput pages, as well as on the Knowledge base. You can use the chat to search help articles directly in the chat window without leaving

Occasionally, we receive messages about users who are unable to locate the Intercom icon. While we don't run across this issue often, there are a couple of places we recommend looking. First, try to scroll your screen as far to the bottom-right as possible. If your browser screen has been minimized or scaled, your screen may be hiding the the Intercom icon.

If expanding your browser window or scrolling to the bottom-right of your screen does not reveal the Intercom icon, continuing reading.

If your screen positioning is not the culprit, it is likely that your browser is blocking Intercom and you'll need to adjust your browser settings, or use a different browser.

Here is some helpful information directly from the Intercom team:

"One of the common reasons the Messenger might not show for some users is if they have an adblocker or browser extension enabled, or use Firefox (which has tracking protection enabled by default). While Intercom isn’t an ad-provider, adblocking plugins may also block JavaScript that includes tracking functionality! Try disabling your adblocker, or use a browser other than Firefox."

If you need to reach the Support team, you can reach out to us here. (Also, be sure to check out our help article on How to reach out to Support for help!)

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