How do I reset my password?

Change your password for signing into the platform

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From outside the platform

To reset your password from outside the platform, click on the log-in button on the top right of

Then in the email login area, click "Forgot password?"

You can request an email be sent to complete the process by entering the destination email address and clicking Email Link.

From within the platform

If you are successfully signed into and want to change your password, click on your name in the upper-right corner and choose User Settings.

On the next page you may change your display name, add a mobile phone number for two-factor authentication or click Change your password to change your password.

The screen to load next will prompt you for your current password and ask that you enter the new password into the next two fields. Click Change password to finish the process. You will then be able to log into the platform with this new password.

Upon login, you may see a screen notifying you of the change and asking you to confirm other details.

When you are finished making any changes, scroll down the page and click the Dashboard you with to access.

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