Open your project, and you'll land on the Page & Survey tab:

In the Project Questions and Dynamic Content section, click on the black Add Content button. (If you're adding content to a topic, it will be in the same location, but under Edit this topic page.)

Highlight the text you'd like to add the link to:

Then, click the "chainlink" icon in the editor:

You'll then see the Link pop-up window asking you to paste in the URL:

You could go ahead and click "OK" to save this link, but there are a few other options you can further customize:

Link Info

link Target (optional)

URL – (the default option) most commonly used; links to another page

Tip: You can also link to a project document (.PDF) within content box text.

New Window (_blank)usually opens in a new tab, but users can configure browsers to open a new window instead. ( Recommended, as this option doesn't close the Project page they are currently on.)

Link to anchor in the text* – a bit more tricky to use, as these links work like a table of contents to skip Up or down a webpage, (e.g. "back to top") but cannot be used skip around across steps or navigation tabs.

PublicInput has the option to create steps within a project (sometimes referred to as "tabs") to organize information, as well as a "continue" button at the bottom of the page to move the participant forward.

*Too many anchors can make things confusing for the participant. Avoid or use sparingly.

<not set> – follows the participant's browser default settings

<frame> – displays in an iframe

Topmost Window (_top) – the topmost browsing context (the "highest" context that's an ancestor of the current one). If no ancestors, behaves as _self.

Same Window (_self) – the current browsing context.

Parent Window (_parent): the parent browsing context of the current one. If no parent, behaves as _self.

E-mail – creates a link that opens the participant's email on click, with the send to: line autofilled with the email listed

Optional: customize the Subject line of incoming emails

Once you've customized your link, click "OK."

Then, you'll need to save the content:

The linked text may not be visible on the back end (where you create your survey.) You can preview how your link will display by clicking the View Live Site button at the top of the Project:

Below is an example of a link at the bottom of a multi-step Project page:

You can also create an image link!

⭐️ TIP: Don't forget to test your link(s) to be sure they work as expected! ⭐️

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