What are participants?
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Participants are unique individuals who have interacted with your project in one of several ways:

  1. Answering at least 1 survey question

  2. Submitting at least 1 open-ended comment

  3. Registering/RSVP'ing to, or attending a meeting or event

  4. Calling into your project hotline or meeting (includes listening to meeting audio, leaving a recorded message, or speaking live in a meeting.)

  5. Texting the project keyword and responding to the prompt received

  6. Submitting a comment on social media on a post that has its comments sync'd with a survey question

  7. Responded to a location and/or contact question

  8. Emailed the project email address and the email has been converted to a comment

*Note that email opens, email clicks, and project website viewers are not included in the participant count.

Your participant metrics can be found on your engagement dashboard for participants across all projects/meetings and on your project page.

You can also see project participants on your project's metrics:

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