Merge two CRM contact records

If you have more than one record associated with a known individual, you can merge them from the CRM search interface.

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Navigate to your CRM home tab from the admin sidebar.

Search for your records in the Participants section lower on the page. If you search for the name or contact you'd like to merge, you will see them appear in the results list in the search interface.

Check the box beside each record you'd like to merge. A new button will appear to "Merge Selected Participants." Click the "Merge Selected Participants" button to merge the selected contacts.

The merge will begin running in the background. At this point the system will begin comparing and merging the two distinct user profiles into one record.

The merge process may take a few minutes. In the meantime, if you view any of the merged records, you will be redirected to the "primary" record that is receiving the merged profile attributes.

Note: if more than one authenticated user account is found in the merged records, the merge will fail and show a message about the accounts that could not be merged. This is done to preserve access for users who have created an account with a password and/or associated an external profile like Facebook or Google.

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