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How to display map thumbnails next to map comments in a dynamic report
How to display map thumbnails next to map comments in a dynamic report

How to add map thumbnails to an interactive map question's comments in a report.

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An interactive mapping question allows a participant to place a pinpoint on a map and then submit a comment pertaining to that point.

When creating a dynamic report, the comments don't automatically display the specific map point that the participant is referring to. However, you can edit your dynamic report to display these points with their associated comments. This feature creates more visually illustrative reports that you can share as a link or save in a PDF.

To get started, let us first take a look at an interactive map question. In this case, the user is asked to respond to a question by dropping a pin within a map's boundaries with the option to submit a comment:

Anyone viewing this map question can click on a pin to see the associated comment on the live site.

From the Results & Data tab, you can edit an existing report, or click Create New Dynamic Report if you have yet to create one:

Remember that reports update in real time as participants complete the survey, all the way up until your survey is closed! You don't have to create a new report each time you need an update of the survey's progress. It updates automatically!

Find your interactive map question within the report.

First, make sure you Toggle Comments on. Map thumbnails only appear when comments are turned on.

Next, click Options. This menu will appear when you hover over the question.

The Edit this report item dialog will appear. Toggle the “Show thumbnail with map pin location for map comments” button On (green):

and click the Save button in the bottom-right corner:

The map thumbnail associated with each comment will be displayed below the question in your dynamic report, and stakeholders can see the map location and comments at a glance without having to click on associated pins.

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