First, if you don't already have one, set up & verify your YouTube account on

Next, you'll head to to set up your meeting.

Check your Zoom account settings page to ensure Live Streaming is enabled:

Once you've launched your meeting, check the "Ellipsis" ( . . . ) button on Zoom to see live streaming options:

Click "Live on YouTube" to authenticate with Google/YouTube. If applicable, opt for your organization's YouTube account rather than your personal:

Give your video a title and choose "Public" from the broadcast menu - this option ensures that you can bring your stream into

Click "Go Live" and copy the URL from the YouTube Live video page:

NOTE: Be sure to copy the FULL URL in the browser, not a short link.

Paste your URL into the meeting editor:

Note: due to Zoom's recent changes, if your meeting has a password, you will need to copy the meeting’s numeric password into Public Input.

Click Save. You're done!  Note that you can optionally chose to "Hide live stream until event start time" if you need a few minutes before the meeting to get settled.

Once you've saved, your meeting will automatically begin streaming into the platform.

Note: Your meeting's livestream is automatically recorded and saved on youtube. However, if you have dead air or chit chat at the beginning of your meeting, you may want to go back and edit that out, and then substitute in the new link after clipping the video.

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