You may want to archive a comment if you or another admin in your organization has submitted test comments, or the comment is not relevant to your survey question.  If someone responds "I like ice cream!" to your question about affordable housing, you may want to archive that comment. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Under the comments tab, there are several different action icons to the right of each comment. This is where admins can moderate comments.

To view all comments, select All Comments for [Your Project] below the questions in the column to the left of the comments.

 Archive Comment removes the comment from the system, but securely stores it in case you need to recover it. 

To archive a comment, click the red file box icon. 

Click the red Archive button in the pop up window, and... Voilà! ✨

Your comment will be archived, and it will not be included in your survey results. 

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