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Phone line request form (for Organizational Administrators)
Phone line request form (for Organizational Administrators)

Request additional or pin-free phone lines for meetings or project hotlines

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This article is intended to help Organizational Administrators – the person or team responsible for managing the PublicInput account and settings – to submit a formal request to add a new phone line (or additional numbers).

PublicInput assigns a toll-free phone number to all accounts. A local number or additional toll-free numbers can be purchased at an additional cost.

Pin-free numbers do not require participants type in an additional 4-digit meeting code to listen to a meeting.

NOTE: Pin-free lines (or numbers) can only be directed to one meeting at a time, meaning they do not work for multiple or simultaneous meetings. The pin-free line can be directed to another meeting after the first meeting has past.

If you are a PublicInput user, please reach out to your department head or the Administrators responsible for the account to request approval before filling out the formal request form. All request forms are sent directly to the PublicInput Product & Engineering Team.

*Please note the phone line request form will reflect the most up-to-date cost.

For assistance determining whether your organization needs additional phone lines, please contact your PublicInput Customer Success Manager directly. If you are not sure who your dedicated CSM is, please reach out to the Customer Success Team at


You can also check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions for custom phone lines.

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