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How to create a link to a document file within your Project
How to create a link to a document file within your Project

Link to a .PDF document in content box text

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If you would like to create a clickable .PDF document in the text of your Project or survey, you'll first need to upload the .PDF document and locate the link. You'll find these steps below:

1. Upload the .PDF document to the documents section at the bottom of your project layout (on the Page & Survey tab.) You'll click the green "+ Add documents..." button, then the blue "Start upload" button.

You can also drag & drop files here – just remember to click "Start upload."

2. Once the .PDF has uploaded, right click the file and select "Open..." In a new tab or window, whichever you prefer!

3. Go to the new tab/window and copy the URL from the browser:

This URL will be the hyperlink that you use. You can then add the link to a content box, or highlight text to create a link to the .PDF document.

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