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How to edit and manage Tags within Taxonomy
How to edit and manage Tags within Taxonomy

Change visibility settings to manage the resident experience, organize your information, and create topics from tags

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Existing tags can be edited by clicking on the tag to open the Edit Taxonomy Category modal. In addition to enabling the setting for public visibility, here you may also choose the option to enable subscriptions for this tag. This creates an automatic Communications Topic associated with the tag. This will become more useful as additional features are implemented.

To add a child level to an existing level, hover over an entry in the table and click the green Create a new child button. This will open another modal like the one seen above for creating this new level.

To add a new tag to the system - for example if you want to tag projects or Meetings, you can create it from this interface. First, choose the taxonomic level to which you'd like to add the tag - this can be changed later and does not impact the visibility or organization on the resident-facing Category drop-down menus. Next, click the green "Add" button where you'd like to add the tag:

add a tag

In this example, we're adding a new tag to our third level of taxonomy - once again you can add the tag to whichever level you prefer: just try and keep them organized based on how your organization keeps data in order. From here, add a name for the tag and make it visible: This visibility is what makes it possible to add the tag to a project or Meeting, and also displays the tag for residents.

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