Oops. It happens. 🤷🏻‍♀️

If you've archived project content and wish to restore it, don't panic!
This article walks you through what can be restored and how to retrieve it.

Head to your project's Settings tab and select Restore archived content.

In the drop-down menu, you can restore:

Archived comments - Restores all project comments. Includes open-ended question types and question types that allow comments (comments enabled.)

Archived quantitative responses - Restores quantitative results such as select one, select multiple, ranking, matrix, etc.

Survey Steps - Restores archived steps and the questions and content stored within them

Questions - Restores all question types

Content Sections - Restores all content boxes containing text and imagery

Project Milestones - Restores all milestones within your project timeline

FAQ's - Restores FAQ section and the questions within it

Meetings - Restores all data tied to meetings. Such as transcripts, participant info, registrant info, video/audio recordings, files, notes etc.

Kiosks - Restores kiosk sign in (Archiving a kiosk does not archive the responses received via kiosk mode)

Subscribers - Restores subscribers deleted from the Subscribers tab.

*Previously hidden questions and comments that you wish to keep hidden or archived will need to be hidden or archived again when using this function.

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