How to create a Meeting Series

Creating and publishing a meeting series

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Meeting Series pages are designed to host recurring meetings. They adapt the public page to clean up the display of past meetings, simplify the admin experience, and make it easy to create one URL or embedded frame (iframe) for a specific meeting type.

To learn more, check out our article on Meeting Series.

This article will show you how to:

Create a Meeting Series
Publishing and archiving the page
Add meetings

Creating a Meeting Series

First, click the + Create New Item button to create your meeting series:

Alternatively, if you already have a project that you'd like to change to a meeting series, click the "Change Type" button under the Settings tab of an existing project:

*Note: Meeting series do not offer the ability to customize your page content beyond the description and header graphics. If you'd like that level of customization, the standard project page will be your go-to.

Publishing and archiving the page - now in compact view

Meeting series pages automatically start out as published, and you can find the usual publishing and archiving controls under More Public Display Options here on the Meetings tab:

This will expand the view so you can see the options to Return the meeting series to draft, or Close the meeting series to comments here, as well as list your Meeting on the public portal (if your organization has a public portal):

Add meetings

Once you've got your meeting series open, you can add new meetings easily from the main Meetings tab:

You'll create a meeting as you normally would. Once you've added your meetings, you'll see them under the Meetings header:

Meetings will be listed as Upcoming or Past, and appear in order by date on the live site.

Public comments and videos are still available for public viewing, but are minimized to de-clutter your page.

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